Our counsellors are experienced relationship experts

Family Counselling

Everyone has family arguments at some time. Usually these are easily resolved or blow over, but sometimes they just get worse.

Big changes in a family can cause stress for everyone. Divorce or separation doesn’t just affect the adults in a relationship – it can affect the way children view relationships for life. Long running disputes can cause pain to the whole family, making it difficult or impossible to live under the same roof, and the problems one person may be going through can impact on other family members.

If your family is having problems, you can see one of our Family Counsellors individually, as a small group or the whole family together to help you work things out in a way that is best for everyone. Our counsellors are experienced relationship experts and are specially trained to work with families to help them resolve their problems.

Our Services

We can also help you manage the practical and emotional aspects of being co-parents living apart.

Additionally we can assist with any other relationships within the extended family for example adult siblings.

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