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Relate offer a range of training courses to help individuals and groups improve their communication skills and relationships at home and at work.

With more than 50 years experience, Relate is one of the nation’s leading training providers in relationship and interpersonal skills. Our experiential and participative training methods ensure a challenging and supportive experience, which can influence your personal and working life.

With more than 50 years experience, Relate is one of the nation’s leading training providers in relationship and interpersonal skills.

All Relate courses are taught by experienced counsellors/trainers, who are professionally trained and supervised by Relate. We aim to provide a safe, comfortable environment and hope that our sessions are fun and informative.

The training courses in this portfolio can be delivered at The Relate Centre in Oxford or at your own venue.

In addition we offer a bespoke training service and can develop courses to suit your specific requirements.

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An six-week course for people coming to terms with the ending of a relationship

The end of a relationship or marriage can be a difficult and painful experience.  It can leave people feeling confused, lonely and lacking in confidence. Feelings of betrayal, guilt or rejection are common.  Anger, sadness and confusion are often intense.  Moving forward can be hard when trust, self-confidence and self-esteem have been shaken.

In these six weekly evening sessions we look at how relationships work and why they some- times go wrong.  We consider ways of managing our own needs as well as those of family and friends, and of increasing the skills and confidence needed to build new relationships in the future.  Life After the Break gives an opportunity to meet others in similar situations, have the chance to share experiences in a confidential group and make new friends.

Making the Break

A one day workshop provided in partnership with Family mediation

The end of a relationship can be a difficult and painful experience for you and your children.  This one day course aim's to help you to Understand your emotional transition, look at how best to support and parent your children, understand the legal framework & communicate effectively with the other parent for the sake of your children.

Counselling Skills for Non Counsellors 

(Formerly know as Basic Counselling Skills)

A three-day course

A knowledge of counselling skills can be extremely helpful in our daily lives – whether it is in knowing how to support friends in need, coping with difficult relationships in the family or for use professionally by those working in management, healthcare, human resources, education, or in one of the many welfare or voluntary occupations.

Run by a Relate trainer who is also an experienced and qualified counsellor, this course is designed to give participants the opportunity to learn the basic skills and to practise them in a safe environment.

Successful completion of the course leads to a certificate of Award in Counselling Skills for Non Counsellors issued by the Relate

" Wow! What a fantastic course, the training was excellent and I know the new skills we have learnt will be invaluable."

Further Application of Counselling Skills

A three day course

This course is specifically for those engaged in a supportive role professionally or personally and who may wish to progress and develop the skills and self-awareness attained from the Basic Counselling Skills Course.

Run by a Relate trainer who is also an experienced and qualified counsellor, this accredited course is designed to give participants the opportunity to further develop their counselling skills and practise them in a safe environment.

Successful completion of the course leads to a certificate of Award in Further Application of Counselling Skills issued by Relate. 

Separated Families : The Childs Journey

A one day workshop provided in partnership with Family mediation

Knowledge of the effects of family breakdown can be invaluable in our professional lives, whether it's knowing how to support affected children, dealing with difficult behaviour or simply understanding the range of emotions surrounding separation.

Run by experienced trainers the workshop is designed to help participants feel more confident in supporting and dealing with the effects of family breakdown.

"Thank you. I've had a very productive day and will go away with lots more knowledge, understanding and hopefully skills!"

Dealing with Difficult People

A one day workshop

Dealing with difficult people can affect us in many ways - our work, our relationships, our health and our ability to get what we want from life. But we can learn how to deal with challenging behaviour both assertively and sensitively.

Recognising, understanding and responding effectively to the different types of behaviour can be invaluable, not only in our professional lives but also in our personal relationships. The result is satisfied customers, less stress, more confidence, a more skilled workforce and healthier relationships all round.

Run by experienced Relate trainers, the workshop will help participants develop a new perspective and provide them with new skills and techniques so that they feel more confident when dealing with difficult people.

Stress Management for Line Managers

A one day workshop

Line Managers play a pivotal role in the workplace, stress management and in the well-being of those who work for them. The course aims to raise awareness and understanding of stress as an issue. Equip managers with the skills and knowledge to meet their legal and HSE compliance responsibilities. Enable managers to identify specific actions and behaviours required to prevent and tackle stress in their staff and thus to become more effective managers of people.

Learning To Listen

This one-day interactive workshop aims to introduce participants to a range of basic counselling skills for use in the workplace. It is an ideal 'taster' course to explore if further training in counselling may be for you. There is ample opportunity in the day to watch counsellors at work and to practise skills in role-play

Peer Listening Programme

Peer listening is about people supporting each other and builds on the willingness of people to turn to their peers with their anxieties. Participants are trained in the essential skills necessary to provide a listening and support service.

The course enables participants to gain the skills, knowledge and personal awareness required to develop a peer listening programme which meets the needs of their community.


Understand the concept of peer listening and its role in their community.   
Develop personal awareness and empathy.
Explore a range of issues, including bullying, stress, conflict, assertiveness, peer/family pressure.
Understand, practise and demonstrate listening skills.
Have a comprehensive understanding of confidentiality.

The training can easily be adapted to suit the requirements of individual groups and is equally applicable to both a school environment and for adult support groups.

Surviving Stress : Strategies for Life

A one day workshop

Stress affects us in so many ways – our health, our relationships, our work and our ability to get want we want from life.  It seems to be an intrinsic part of today's world, but you can learn how to take control of the stress in your life.  In this course you will have the opportunity to stand back and examine the real sources of your stress, your beliefs and thinking style, your behaviour, relationships, lifestyle etc.  Then with a fresh perspective and some excellent tools to help you, you can put your newfound skills into practice. This is a skill really worth learning – after all, the cost of stress is high. 

The workshop is highly participative and appeals to all learning styles. Attendees will be given the opportunity to develop their learning skills and to plan future development.  There will be a great deal of group and individual work.

Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness is a one day workshop designed to help participants express their needs and rights in a non-confrontational way both respectfully and honestly to help improve their relationships both at work and on a personal level.

Conflict Resolution

A one day workshop to help participants explore a range of techniques and strategies to manage emotions and challenging situations/behaviour.  Explore ways to diffuse situations, respond to resistance and use effective listening skills and techniques in mediation.

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